Fees and Finance


General Dentistry

Routine Dental Examination£45Book online
New Patient Dental Examination including X-rays£60Book online
Hygiene AppointmentFrom £65Book online
Composite (Tooth-Coloured) FillingsFrom £95Book online


Composite (Bonding)From £250Book online
EmaxFrom £650Book online

Crowns and Inlays

Porcelain Bonded To MetalFrom £550Book online
Porcelain / Zirconia (Metal-Free)From £650Book online
EmaxFrom £650Book online


Porcelain Bonded to MetalFrom £550 per unitBook online
Porcelain / Zirconia (Metal-Free)From £650Book online


Simple ExtractionsFrom £120Book online
Wisdom Tooth and ComplexFrom £290Book online

Mouth Guards

Night GuardFrom £250Book online
Junior / Adult Sports GuardFrom £170Book online

Dental Implants

Single Implant, Abutment and CrownFrom £1700Book online
Simple Bone Graft and Sinus Lifting ProceduresFrom £400Book online


Acrylic DenturesFrom £650Book online
Chrome DenturesFrom £950Book online
Same Day Denture RepairsFrom £300Book online

Cosmetic Dentistry


Philips Zoom! In-Surgery Laser Teeth Whitening and Home Whitening KitFrom £550Book online
Philips Zoom! Home Teeth Whitening KitFrom £300Book online

Adult Short Term Orthodontics

Invisible BracesFrom Book online
Invisalign£1500 per archBook online
Inman Aligner£1500 per archBook online
Six Months Smiles (Tooth-Coloured Bracket System)£2000 per arch, £3000 both archesBook online

Facial Aesthetics

Wrinkle reduction with BOTOXTM

One area£180Book online
Two areas£230Book online
Three areas£280Book online

Juvederm by Allergan Dermal

1ml Syringe Lip Enhancement£280Book online
1ml Syringe Other Area£340Book online
2 x 1ml Syringe£610Book online