Tooth removal (or Tooth extraction)

Losing a tooth or a couple of them can be a painful process however, in certain situations it is important to extract teeth to avoid any further health complications. Some of the reasons related to extraction can be due to a damaged tooth, tooth decay, severe infection in jaws, orthodontic or periodontal problem. Our dentists have advanced training in oral surgery and tooth extractions. We offer high standard dental extraction services in Hammersmith. Depending on the severity of the tooth, we recommend our patients to go for tooth extraction.

Before extracting your tooth, the dentist will numb your jawbones and the gums surround it. This means the dentist will need to inject anaesthesia in the particular area. This might be slightly painful! You don’t have to worry about pain regarding tooth extractions because the dentists at The Care Dental Practice make sure that every process is carried out gently.

Extractions are performed to prevent any potential infection from spreading all over your mouth. If you are experiencing any sort of infection, it is important to seek immediate dental help because the infection can lead to problems that can impose serious complications on your overall health. There are some cases when root canal might not be useful to save the tooth, therefore, we recommend our patients for tooth extraction.

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