White fillings

To enhance the look of your smile, you can replace your metal-coloured fillings with white fillings. If you wish to restore a damaged tooth then we would highly recommend our white fillings as it adds both functional and aesthetic elements to your tooth. At Care Dental Practice, we provide exceptional dental fillings in London.

Causes of Tooth Decay

Tooth decay occurs when a plaque build ups on your teeth and starts to break down the dentine and enamel of your teeth. The bacteria in your mouth combine with the saliva and the small particles of food forms plaque. When you take high carbohydrate foods, the bacteria in plaque produces acid. Mouth saliva removes those acids from tooth tissue however, those with a low saliva flow are at a risk of tooth decay.

Types of White Fillings

A white composite filling is a white coloured tooth that is used to restore the damaged tooth. It is very common these days as it gives a very natural look. There is no need for you to make multiple visits as the composite white filling can be provided in a single visit.

White composite inlays and outlays are indirect fillings that are more suitable for people that have large cavities. It is necessary to visit the dentist at least twice because fillings for larger cavities take more time to construct.

Difference between Silver and White Fillings

Silver fillings are mostly known as silver amalgam, which contains mercury and metals like tin, copper and silver. There is a lot of debate and controversies going on over the use of silver amalgam fillings as it contains mercury, which has several health risks.  Therefore, many people do not prefer opting for silver fillings.

White fillings are more in demand compared to silver fillings. This filling takes less preparation and more surgery time than silver amalgam fillings, which makes white fillings more expensive.

Our cosmetic dentist in London will remove the tooth decay and restore your tooth with a filling of your choice!

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