“Wonderful staff who always make you feel relaxed and at ease”
Gliza Santos

“Happy are those who dream dreams and are prepared to pay the price to see them become a reality’. This man is an exceptional practitioner, Dr Bashar Al-Naher… gentle, knowledgeable, has the X factor, pure class.

What could have been a trial, became a pleasure. I feel truly blessed, he and his daughters who assist and support the practice are all of the highest order in all areas. Polite, gentle and professional.

Thank you so much for all you have done for me”

Geoffrey Kalina

“I have seen Dr Constanze Daum and i have never felt more relaxed in a dentist chair! I have a big issue coming to the dentist but with her I don’t have any problem.

Very professional and very friendly doctor. Absolutely pleased with the treatment!”


“Having 3 implants from Dr Bashar was splendid! Almost painless from soft music and gentle encouragement to relaxation! Left in a trance!”

Russel Reid

“Extremely helpful and supportive staff who are very professional. I highly recommend for relaxing and pain free surgery.”

Kane Cameron

“I have been going to the Care Dental Practice for the best part of five years now and I have always been impressed with the courteous, prompt and professional service.
I trust their expertise and greatly appreciate that no unnecessary work/add-ons have ever been imposed or even suggested to me.
They are understanding and gentle in the face of patient nervousness and all is done to relax and put you at ease. Would happily recommend.”

Karine Tachdjian

“This is the most amazing experience. I have dreaded dentists all my life and just wished I had found Dr. Basher when I was younger. I am having an implant at the moment and can honestly say that I feel no anxiety before each appointment or during the procedure. Not only is Dr. Basher a highly qualified and experienced dentist he truly cares for his patients and what they experience.

This technique should be available in so many other branches of medicine.”

Gaye Fisher Whitwam

“I met Bashar many years ago. When he told me then that his dream was to create not just pain-free dentistry but pleasurable dentistry, I knew he was the dentist for me (I was almost a dental phobic before). Since then, I’ve never dreaded going to the dentist again. And it’s a pleasure to see him every time. Bashar’s achieved his dream as far as I’m concerned.

(Later) I had to have a tooth out last week. Despite my trust in Bashar, I was dreading it. Turns out I didn’t need to: I literally didn’t feel a thing at the time, and since then, it’s healed beautifully. Thanks so much, Bashar.”

Jennifer Shipside

“Dr Bashar provided me with a dental implant and more showed courtesy, sympathy and professionalism than I have been used to with any other practising dentist. His “enjoyable dentistry technique” turned the whole process from a chore to a far more tolerable and in some senses elating experience. I would recommend Dr Bashar to anyone who was contemplating the same treatment.”

David Gordon

“I am Ronald Selwyn Phillips and I am the Artistic Director of The Barons Court Theatre in Kensington. My work is demanding and I regret to say that this has left me little time for dental treatment over the past year. The result: I ended up with two molars which required extractions.

I placed myself in the hands of Dr Bashar Al-Naher, little knowing that I was to undergo the most amazing and rewarding experiences of my life. Dr Al-Naher has developed a remarkably effective technique which results in the patient remaining totally relaxed and pain-free throughout the entire process of tooth extraction.

Dr Al-Naher began by placing a small oxygen mask on my face and instructing me to breathe deeply through it. He then began to talk to me in a reassuring and calming fashion, asking me to envisage that I was standing at the top of a flight of steps, leading down to a beautiful garden and grasslands, with a river running through them. My eyes began to close as he asked me to descend the steps, one at a time.

I noticed that while Dr Al-Naher carried out the treatment, he was singing to me in a pleasant voice, encouraging me to breathe deeply and remain relaxed at all times. After what seemed to be a very few minutes, he asked me to open my eyes, and I did so, wondering when he was going to carryout the extractions. Imagine my astonishment when I found both teeth gone and I had not felt a single instant of pain.

Dr Bashar Al-Naher’s treatment is a remarkable one and I can only offer him my deepest praise for what he has achieved!”

Ronald Selwyn Phillips

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