We are Accepting New Patients

Warmly welcoming new patients to TCDP

We are a very popular private dental practice based in Hammersmith. Through our continuing high quality of dental care and excellent service, we have become one of Hammersmith’s most prestigious dental practices. Dr Bashar Al-Naher has over 30 years of experience in the field of dentistry, and, along with the rest of his highly skilled team, provides exceptional dental care. We look forward to welcoming new patients to our practice.

All patients welcome

The Care Dental Practice is based in Hammersmith. We are proud to welcome new patients to our practice from all backgrounds and walks of life. We understand that every patient has their own individual needs, and we will work with you to accommodate these. Fear of the dentist is very common, and we are very experienced in the care of nervous patients. Please speak to us about any concerns you may have and we will do everything we can to make your visit more pleasant.

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New patient registration

If you would like to register as a new private patient, please call our friendly reception team on 07850885115. We can talk you through the registration process, book your initial appointment and discuss costs and payment options with you. Please be aware that, unless you are booking a free consultation with us, we do kindly take payments in advance for all appointments. This helps you to spread the cost of your treatment and helps us ensure our clinic time is used effectively so we can continue to provide an excellent service. We can take card payments over the phone, or alternatively, you are more than welcome to come into the practice to book an appointment and make payment with our team in person.

At your new patient registration, one of our highly experienced dentists will:

  • Perform a full examination of your teeth
  • Take two basic x-rays
  • Discuss with you any treatment needed

You will have the opportunity to discuss any cosmetic treatment you are interested in, and any issues or concerns you have, and we will work together to create a comprehensive treatment plan. In this plan, we will outline all costs, let you know what to expect from your appointments and discuss finance options. Once your new patient examination has taken place, we are able to work with you to protect the future health of your mouth. You will be advised on how often you should visit the dentist and hygienist and on the best ways for you to maintain your oral health at home.

If you need any immediate emergency dental treatment, you can call us to book an emergency appointment. We will ask some questions to assess how we can help and book you an appointment if necessary.

Please contact us today for more information.

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