Care Dental Platinum – going the extra mile for patients

Going to the dentist can be seen as a necessary chore. At Care Dental Platinum, we don’t think that it needs to be for most patients. Through our work as a dentist for nervous patients in London, we have seen that the patient experience can be of a much greater quality than most people expect.

At Care Dental Platinum, we have known people to experience euphoria during their dental treatment. Patients actually look forward to coming back in much the same way as people appreciate a massage or other holistic treatment that has a beneficial effect on their health.

What makes Care Dental Platinum patients happy?

Many people come to us with a poor view of the dentist. They may have picked up a sense of anxiety from past experiences or impressions gathered from friends or the media. Most people associate unpleasant sensory experiences like drills and needles with the dentist, even though these are only a small part of their previous treatments. In the most extreme cases, some people even have high levels of fear or phobia around visiting the dentist. We offer people the chance to let go of negative feelings towards dental treatment and embrace a new experience at our clinic, which operates as a dentist for nervous patients in London.

The reason our patients are so happy about visiting the dentist for nervous patients in London is that we have spent a lot of time crafting our ability to make patients comfortable regardless of their preconceptions or concerns. Part of this is a programme that was developed by our principle called Enjoyable Dentistry Technique™. This incorporates techniques for calming the mind and creating positive experience as well as practical assistance through inhalation sedation and pain-free dentistry techniques.

Many members of our team are familiar with using a variety of techniques to make patients feel calm and peaceful during their dental treatments. When they are combined in certain ways, they enhance each other and provide a totally relaxing experience. This can be applied to any patient and any treatment. You might want to try some of them even if you do not have a fear of visiting the dentist!