Design Your Ideal Shape for Your Perfect Smile

Gum contouring or sculpting can transform the gummy smile you are conscious of and can help create the ideal smile you’ve always wanted.

Uneven gums on your front teeth or an asymmetrical gum line can prevent your having a great, relaxed and ready smile and make you too self-conscious.  At the Care Dental Practice we can help you to achieve a better look for your smile.  Whether you need soft tissue gum sculpting or a surgical gum lift, you will have the option to design your perfect smile with the latest technology and expertise.  Our gum specialist takes time to really understand your concerns and talk through your options.

What is Gum Contouring? Is It Right For Me?

Gum contouring treatment is for those who have a low or uneven gum line – often described as a ‘gummy smile’. We can make minor changes to the gum line that produce major results cosmetically.

By reshaping your gum line we can restore the natural proportions of your teeth to enhance your smile without your having to worry about any cutting.  There are two procedures we use to achieve your smile makeover:

  • simple soft tissue gum sculpting for subtle but effective aesthetic improvement
  • surgical lifting of the gum for more severe cases where your gums are covering your teeth.

Either treatment happens under local anaesthetic, using a soft tissue laser for excess gum removal that seals the cut at the same time, so you experience no pain, bleeding or stitches!

All of our treatments come with the option of our unique EDTTM offering too for nervous patients.

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