Easy steps to visiting the dentist for nervous patients in London

The team at Care Dental Platinum want to make it easy for everyone to visit the dentist. If someone has a dental phobia, this might seem like quite a lofty goal. However, the process has several steps that are designed to ease you gently into treatment and, before you know it, you could be free of your anxiety for good.

Make the appointment

For some people, making the appointment is the biggest step especially if they have not visited the dentist for many years. At Care Dental Platinum, we urge you not to wait until you have a serious dental issue before you make an appointment. Many problems can be tackled in the early stages to prevent them from requiring extensive treatment. After experiencing our programme, many patients find that they actually look forward to their regular check-ups.

Breathe deeply

The first part of your dental experience with the dentist for nervous patients in London, is what we call inhalation sedation or ‘happy air’. You are invited to breathe deeply and enter a state of calm. This wears off quickly after treatment so it does not prevent you from driving or going about the rest of your day.

Let your mind wander

When you visit the dentist for nervous patients in London, at Care Dental Platinum, we ask you to visualise a calm and relaxing place. You are guided during this process by your trained dentist and you will be reminded of it throughout your treatment. We will be playing relaxing music to help at this point. If your mind wanders, that’s ok. Our goal is simply to have you so relaxed that you are not focused on your dental treatment in any negative way.

The final step ensures that you are not interrupted by difficult experiences while you are in this deep state.

Experience pain-free techniques

Part of the reason why dental anxiety is so common is that many patients firmly believe that each visit to the dentist will be uncomfortable or painful. This is understandable but, at Care Dental Platinum, we beg to differ. We have developed techniques to administer pain-free dentistry and we only act when the area we are working on is completely numb and you are in a state of complete relaxation and bliss.