Fear of the dentist and how to get over it

Most people do not enjoy the prospect of visiting the dentist, but for some the experience can be more traumatic than others. Some people avoid visiting the dentist because they are afraid of the pain, while others feel embarrassed about the state of their teeth.

Whatever the reason behind your dental phobia, at Care Dental Platinum we are here to help. Dr Bashar Al-Naher is specifically trained in sedation methods applied to dentistry and has created his own, innovative sedation method. Our dentist for nervous patients in London will make you feel at ease throughout the treatment and change the way you feel about visiting the dentist.

Why people fear the dentist?

Most dentists are nice and friendly and can genuinely relate to their patients, but this can be completely irrelevant to someone suffering from dental phobia. Many people experience chronic dental phobia and have held fear and anxiety about visiting the dentist since they were children. These patients either had a bad experience or have associated the dentist with pain. A different category of anxious patients includes people who are afraid of needles or other dental tools. For many people, an anxiety disorder (that may not even be related to their oral health) can also cause dental phobia. Last but not least, some people may be afraid to visit the dentist due to the bad state of their teeth.

Overcoming your fear of the dentist

Our dentist for nervous patients in London will help you ease your fear and overcome your dental phobia. Dr Bashar Al-Naher has a friendly and gentle approach towards his patients and will explain everything that will happen during your appointment even before starting. Moreover, at Care Dental Platinum we offer the Enjoyable Dentistry Technique TM, a patented sedation technique that involves gas and air and has proven to be effective with nervous patients of all ages.

It’s all about your comfort

Looking for a dentist for nervous patients in London but do not know where to start? Dental treatment does not have to be painful or uncomfortable. Contact us today and we will book a consultation appointment for you.