Easier Dental Extractions

Removing Teeth Need Not Be Dreaded Any More

Dental Extractions with The Enjoyable Dentistry Technique

At the Care Dental Practice, we care about our patient experience and want to make your visit to the dentist as blissful as possible. With this in mind, we always aim to preserve your own teeth as often as possible.

However, with some conditions, dental extractions cannot be avoided. We understand this makes some patients nervous and our unique treatment approach has been developed with exactly this in mind. Our patients leave experiencing a state of bliss and having felt as if the treatment flew by. Our unique approach, combines traditional treatments with a contemporary understanding of how the brain processes discomfort, to minimise anxiety. Our anxiety-free approach to treatment, we call the Enjoyable Dentistry Technique™. This blends sedation dentistry with our own deep relaxation techniques, so you can more easily focus your attention on enjoying the pleasant feelings of comfort and tranquillity from air sedation, rather than the treatment being carried out.

When Are Dental Extractions Needed?

Dental extractions are recommended as a last resort, when your original tooth cannot be repaired due to: trauma, disease or crowding.  Our dentists will always explain your available options, along with any risks and relative advantages before recommending extracting. Most often we advise a tooth extraction when:

  • You have an infected tooth that shows no improvement, even after repeated attempts at clearing the infection;
  • You have a fractured tooth or root that is severely broken down and cannot be restored;
  • You have an impacted wisdom tooth (a wisdom tooth that is coming out at an abnormal angle) that keeps getting infected or is causing decay in the neighbouring tooth;
  • You require teeth removed for orthodontic purposes, which vary.

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