Treatment for Dental Cavities

If you are experiencing pain or discomfort whilst eating or drinking, the chances are you have a dental cavity, i.e a hole in your tooth, which is exposing the inner nerves and causing sensitivity.  The treatment process involves removing the decay, the tooth will be cleaned and a composite filling will be placed in the tooth.

Not only can we offer the latest techniques to simplify the treatment process and make it more effective, but if you are nervous about your visit to the dentist, we will take special care to ensure your  treatment of dental fillings is completely pain free due to our unique Enjoyable Dentistry TechniqueTM.

Do I need a filling?

If you are experiencing pain, discomfort or are unhappy with the appearance of your old metallic fillings, we recommend you visit our dedicated team of dentists who would be able to help you.

As well as eliminating pain and replacing amalgam fillings, white (composite) fillings can also correct problems such as closing obvious gaps between teethreshaping uneven teeth and repairing chips or cracks.

Advantages of White Fillings

White fillings resemble the colour of natural teeth, making the appearance of your teeth much more attractive than silver fillings. They are natural and discreet due to a customised material created perfectly to match the rest of your teeth whilst still preserving your tooth. This helps to avoid the need for more complex treatments as well as further decay.

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