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The passion for inventing the Enjoyable Dentistry TechniqueTM arose from seeing patients in pain during dental treatment.

Because I care for my patients, I wanted to find a technique that would allow all patients to have totally pain-free dentistry that would be comfortable and even enjoyable if possible…

This set me off on a mission of inventing such a technique.  After many years of research into a variety of fields including dental sedation, psychology, self-development, local anaesthesia, the nature of pain and similar topics, I was able to invent the Enjoyable Dentistry TechniqueTM.

Dr Bashar Al-Naher

Afraid of Going To The Dentist?

Do you put off making a dental appointment? Do you have a lingering fear of going to the dentist? You are not alone, research suggests 4/10 patients are anxious of visiting the dentist in the UK. An NHS Dental Health Survey reported that:

  •         Over a third of adults had moderate dental treatment anxiety
  •         12 per cent had extreme anxiety
  •         15 per cent of adults were very or extremely anxious sitting in the waiting room
  •         13 per cent were anxious about going to the dentist the day before an appointment

The things that caused anxiety most often according to the research were, as you would expect, associated with receiving dental treatment such as: having a tooth drilledlocal anaesthetic injections and even about having a simple scale and polish, despite painless air polish treatment options available.

This then shows that there is also a degree of lack of awareness of modern techniques which minimise discomfort and perhaps also knowing where to go to get the best treatment.

Our own patients have also expressed fear of going to the dentist because of:

  •           Previous personal bad experience of dentistry
  •           Bad experience of other people the patient knows of
  •           Scared of pain

We really understand people’s fears and want to make your visit to the dentist an enjoyable bit of ‘time out’, where you are really cared for and can feel safe and good about your oral health. Sadly, too many people potentially storing up problems for later because of a lack of understanding about how dentistry can now be anxiety free through innovative methods that are improving treatments and changing patients’ perceptions…

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Modern dentistry to relax about!

Modern dentistry offers techniques that could alleviate many a nervous patient’s fears about going to the dentist. Speaking to a specialist, sympathetic dentist can really help if you are nervous about treatment.  We encourage you to tell us about your fears, so that we can work with you to help.

A good dentist will not only stay ahead of technical innovations which ease the experience of treatment and explain the best options for you, but will offer contemporary relaxation treatments with you too.  The Care Dental Practice not only care about your oral health, we also understand the importance of having a trusting relationship with your dentist.  We want you to feel safe, calm and happy to get regular check ups to maintain optimum oral health.  With this in mind, our dentists are highly committed to giving you the most pleasant experience of visiting us possible.

For this reason we remain up to date with the latest, dentistry technologies and techniques to complement our clinically proven Enjoyable Dentistry Technique™, our more caring approach to dentistry.

The Enjoyable Dentistry Technique™

This Enjoyable Dentistry Technique™ experience is achieved through a combination of traditional ‘laughing gas’ (Nitrous Oxide and Oxygen) sedation, together with highly effective relaxation suggestions, for gentle and deep relaxation, based on clinically proven Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) methods.

NLP suggestions used in our EDT™ have been proven amongst therapists to facilitate deep and enjoyable relaxation; this allows you to enter into a state of total calm comfort, and confident relaxation, so your treatment session seems to fly by.  This clinically tested method is totally safe, with no side effects; you can drive afterwards.

You can have the security of knowing you are still in control of your treatment, you are not asleep, but often simply feel happy during treatment.  The Care Dental Practice treatment has a relaxing and calming effect, but doesn’t prevent your communicating with us, so treatment can be carried out more easily.

You will have already agreed to treatment prior to EDT™, so there will be no surprises, just a sensation of well-being and relaxation, so you can enjoy your time with us.

NLP and gas sedation are two widely available dental methods, but are usually used separately.  We bring them together to offer the best possible service for our patients, because we know our patients feel the difference and enjoy coming back.

Too many of our first-time patients have come to expect pain from their trip to the dentist and certainly not for their dental treatment to be a pleasure.  We want to change that. It’s revolutionary and many of our patients are genuinely amazed that they find their dental visits pleasurable. See our testimonials here.

Highest Standards of Dental Patient Care

Dr. Bashar Al-Naher and his team, have seen how EDT™ offers the best service possible for our patients.  Their methodology is not replicable by others and is geared to your complete calm and confidence.  “The Care Dental Practice defies commonly accepted low expectations and standards among care dental professionals and the general public. This Enjoyable Dentistry Technique™ is transforming the care of patients for the better.

Based in Hammersmith, London, our team has dealt with enquiries from nervous patients for over 20 years.  Staffed by fully trained oral health experts and dental nurses, we can provide you with free and impartial advice on a whole range of topics relating to your oral health and how to rest easy about your time with us.

Our mission is to make dentistry enjoyable

Our goal is not just to help nervous patients to feel comfortable when they visit us, but to create an ambience you can actually enjoy. By providing an excellent service to our patients, being an invaluable resource in education and awareness of oral health and wellbeing, plus adoption of modern approaches, we really make a difference.

The Care Dental Practice is the result of Dr. Bashar’s passion for quality of care; he takes dentistry beyond mere generally accepted standards of traditional dentistry. He defies what most dentists accept as inevitable, i.e. that patients need feel more discomfort and anxiety than necessary as part of their dental treatment.

Five star reviews

The Dental Care Practice techniques do not yet have the status they deserve amongst our profession, despite being the way forward in patient care, particularly for those who are afraid of going to the dentist.  However, our happy testimonials on Google and Facebook speak for themselves.  We have many happy patients because of their experience of our innovative Enjoyable Dentistry Technique™ which makes for anxiety-free dentistry.

We believe that dentists who still don’t take these proven methods seriously fail their clients, particularly those who are afraid to go to the dentist.  Nervous patients are given extra care here, with information to manage their fear, so they can handle their visit to Dr Bashar with ease.

Oral Care and Dentistry are sadly still a very daunting experience for too many people, despite our industry’s technological advances and improvements.  We want your experience to be different, so you don’t avoid going to the dentist and have optimum oral health.

We believe care is about being aware during every aspect of interaction with our patients; your first experience of our practice should spark an enduring and trusting therapeutic relationship.  Why settle for less than anxiety free dental care?

If you have any questions about treatments you are to undergo, or about our own EDT™, or simply want to speak to someone before booking an appointment, please do not hesitate in reaching us online, or calling: 020 8846 8534. Alternatively, please email: All consultations are free and confidential.

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