Taking control of your experience at the dentist

One of the reasons why people are worried about visiting a dentist for nervous patients in London, is that they worry about being out of control and vulnerable.

At Care Dental Platinum, we do everything we can to empower you during your visit to us. There are choices you can make and techniques you can use to help you feel like you are involved in the process of overcoming your worries. We are sharing two of those with you here today.

Breathing exercises

When your brain has a fear response, it sends messages to various areas of your body. One of these will tell you to breath faster. In the right circumstances, this is great because it hyper-oxygenates your cells and gets you ready to fight or run. If you’re at the dentist, it can mean that you feel self-conscious and can lead to panic and dizziness. This is an unconscious response.

Fortunately, we can take conscious control of the breath and send a calming message back to the brain by simply taking deep breaths.

As part of our signature Enjoyable Dentistry Technique ™, you are encouraged to take long slow breaths and guided to a totally relaxed state through imagery so that your mind is far away from the treatment that is taking place.