Transform your experience of the dentist

Hunting for a dentist who will take your anxieties seriously is getting easier and easier, however, finding a dentist for nervous patients in London that will give you the sedation you need no matter what the treatment is a little trickier. Not when you come to Care Dental Platinum in Hammersmith. We believe that being a good dentist for nervous patients in London means allowing the patient to be the one to decide whether or not they need sedation, and that’s why we offer free gas and air with every treatment as part of our Enjoyable Dentistry Technique.

Why gas and air?

At Care Dental Platinum, we put our role as a dentist for nervous patients in London at the centre of everything we do. We know that dental phobia may not be rational, but it is still very real. We use a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen, known as gas and air, as a form of sedation because it is delivered through a mask. There are no needles to deal with, so it can be used by patients who are needle-phobic.

After an initial feeling of light headedness, nitrous oxide offers several levels of sedation, which makes it very versatile. You do not need to be deeply groggy unless you want to be. Indeed, you may prefer to go for a lighter level of sedation that still numbs the pain, but also makes you feel euphoric. Yes, dental treatment could feel really good!

The Enjoyable Dentistry Technique

Nitrous oxide is used as part of Dr Bashar’s unique technique, which combines sedation with relaxation techniques and tranquillity. He wants visits to this dentist for nervous patients in London to be more like a visit to a spa where you just happen to receive dental treatment. All treatments are routinely carried out using the Enjoyable Dentistry Technique.

If you haven’t been here before and are a nervous patient, we think you will be amazed at just how enjoyable dentistry can be. But, before you can be astonished, you need to try us out. Why not come in for a free consultation and get to know us a bit before booking a treatment.