What is confirmation bias and how can it help you have a better trip to the dentist?

The mind is a fascinating place. There is so much going on that we are not generally aware of. The more we understand these hidden processes, the more we can put them to work to help us overcome things like phobias and anxieties. At Care Dental Platinum, we use various cognitive techniques, alongside practical ones, to help people overcome their fear of the dentist.

As a dentist for nervous patients in London, we have to understand the various ways that patients build up a fear of the dentist. Everyone is different and their anxiety can have deep-rooted sources. Many patients do not have a clear idea of why they are nervous about visiting the dentist. Sometimes it can be helpful to understand the source of fear, but this is not necessary in order to help them. We can help people to adjust the way their mind is reacting now without understanding why it does so.

What is confirmation bias?

Once someone already has a fear of the dentist, that’s when confirmation bias comes into play. If they have a negative mind-set, they are going to be more sensitive to the experiences that they have and more likely to interpret them as negative. In this context, it means that each time they visit the dentist, if they are worried already, they are likely to encounter more difficult experiences than they might if they were in a positive frame of mind.

Confirmation bias can be powerful and very convincing. Fortunately, it can also be reversed and used for positive reinforcement and that’s where our technique, The Enjoyable Dentistry Technique™ at Care Dental Platinum comes into play when we are acting as a dentist for nervous patients in London.

When patients visit us for treatment, we create a pain-free, relaxing experience for them that immediately puts them in a better frame of mind. When they think back on their treatment, they feel food and this gives them more incentive to visit the next time. As they are no longer worried when anticipating the appointment, they are immediately more likely to have an even better time on the next occasion that they visit the dentist for nervous patients in London.