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Achieve your white smile with the no.1 Whitening System in the UK

If you are self-conscious and concerned about the colour of your teeth then teeth whitening carried out by a Dental Professional is a  safe and recommended option for you to consider.

At The Care Dental Practice, we are pleased to offer patients Philips Zooms Teeth Whitening, proven to whiten teeth up to six shades, helping them achieve the brighter, whiter smile they have always wanted.

How does Philips Zoom Teeth Whitening work?

Zoom is a whitening process that lightens discolouration of enamel by applying a whitening gel made from Hydrogen Peroxide to your teeth. An intense light from a Philips Zoom Whitespeed Lamp shining on the whitening gel accelerates the process, increasing the effectiveness and whitening results by 40%, giving an average improvement of up to six shades lighter. Both the gel and light work together to carefully penetrate the top surface layers of your teeth to remove stains and discolouration.

The Philips Zoom In- Surgery Laser procedure takes approximately 90 minutes with whitening gel being applied every 15 minutes to your teeth giving you immediate results. For long lasting white teeth following the procedure, we recommend using the Take-Home Whitening Kit to keep your smile in top condition. The Take-Home Kit includes your very own custom-made whitening trays alongside whitening gels that need to be applied to these trays and worn for one hour a day for 2 weeks.

Throughout your whitening procedure, The Care Dental Practice is committed to providing a relaxing experience by playing calming music as well as providing the option of having our exclusive Enjoyable Dentistry TechniqueTM (happy air and guided imagery).

There is also the option of having the Take-Home Teeth Whitening kit. This is a dependable treatment that gives you the long-lasting results you are looking for. Home teeth whitening involves using personalised plastic tray moulds of your teeth with your whitening gel of choice (day or night time protocols available) daily for 2-3 weeks. Whitening this way over a prolonged period of time allow you to have whiter teeth for up to 2 years. It is totally safe, does not damage your enamel or gums (if used correctly) and you can top up monthly or weekly if you wish!

We always include a home kit with our in-surgery whitening package as that is what ensures the results last.

For more information regarding Teeth Whitening or if you would like to book your FREE consultation, please call us on 0208 846 8534 or email info@thecaredentalpractice.com

Teeth Whitening Cost

Stain Removal HygienePhilips Zoom! Home WhiteningPhilips Zoom! In Surgery Laser and Home Kit
Perfect choice for a Smoker
Ultrasonic Cleaning and Air Polishing to banish stains and deep clean your teeth
2-3 Week Whitening Kit

Bespoke Whitening Trays

Can be worn during the day or night

Worn 1 hour a day
Laser Lamp used to activate whitening gel
Whitens teeth up to six shades
Immediate Results
Bespoke Whitening Trays and Home Kit included

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