Oral Health and General Dental Examination in London

Dental Care in London

General Dentistry covers comprehensive dental procedures including initial diagnostics for example wax moulds, CAT scans and x-rays in order to replace teeth. The dentist will use different methods like x-rays and tests to find out the problem before suggesting any treatment.

There are some cases when dentists take x-rays of your mouth to examine your teeth in order to judge the alignment of your teeth when you bite. While placing you on a chair, you will be placed in a reclining position by the dentist for a proper detal examination

London of your mouth. The dentist will then look for any signs of decay, plaque build-up, erosion or any other problems. When the dentist has successfully determined the cause of your problem, he/she will use mirrors to show you areas of the mouth that you are unable to see during normal cleaning.

In order to remove plaque from your teeth the dentist might use a small scraping device, you can rest assured that this process is painless. Once the plaque has been removed, the dentist will use an electric brush either with or without fluoride paste to clean your teeth and a final spray of water to rinse your mouth. During the process, a hygienist will always be present to make sure the process is performed smoothly without any hassle. From dental check-up in Hammersmith to treatments like teeth cleaning and dental implants in London, we are here to provide the best dental practice in London. Our dental practitioners in London offer high standards of dental care. We will be more than happy to answer any enquiries you might have before or after the treatment.

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